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How to access ChatGPT API?

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Are You Enticed By ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot designed to assist users with tasks and answer any queries in an engaging, conversational manner. Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), it quickly understands and responds to user inquiries.

OpenAI recently unveiled ChatGPT API for developers. This API enables them to easily integrate GPT’s capabilities into their systems, applications, or platforms – such as text generation and language understanding capabilities – via this API. GPT can create various capabilities with this API such as text synthesis or generation as well as language recognition and understanding capabilities.

Developers need an API key in order to utilize the ChatGPT API. They can obtain one by visiting OpenAI and selecting “View API Keys”. Here is how it should work step-by-step:

Account Creation

To utilize ChatGPT through its API, it’s necessary to open an account for free before generating keys – it’s an easy process!

1. Register here: If you don’t prefer email/password combo, both Google and Microsoft accounts offer easy registration alternatives; one may require an active mobile number as verification of account.

2. Navigate to your OpenAI key page at:, or select the menu item “View API Keys”

3. Generate an entirely new key by tapping on “Create new secret keys”. Please refer to the image for guidance.

Simply, this key can be used to access applications.

Keep in mind that any key you generate can access both GPT-4 and ChatGPT models, without needing additional API keys.


Remember it is your responsibility to pay according to the usage you incur on a monthly basis, structured as follows (750 terms (aka 1,000 tokens) per token). Below is displaying their respective costs:

GPT-3.5 Turbo (4k context) model costs only $0.0015% of what they would cost on GPT-3 Davinci; 13x less!

GPT-3.5 Turbo (16k context) $0.003

GPT-3.5 Turbo is currently the flagship model offered on ChatGPT.

Assuming you use 10,000 tokens every day for 20 days in a month in GPT-3 Turbo, that costs an equivalent of 400 cents annually; or 0.02 times 10 multiplied by 20.

Limits Can Be Set OpenAI provides users with $18 of free credits that they can use within three months to test out its software and determine its worthiness. This provides an ideal opportunity to evaluate what may work and what may not work.

If you plan to use OpenAI on a regular basis, add your credit card information here:

Set your monthly pay amount, such as $10, to determine how much data usage limit to set.

Please refer to OpenAI’s Billing Limits Page for more details.

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Common Errors

Like other OpenAI endpoints, ChatGPT API may experience periodic outages for various reasons. Failure is possible with this API due to unforeseen factors and can happen for various reasons.

Error on Quota

Your current usage exceeds your quota limit, so take the necessary steps to review both billing and plan details as soon as possible.
Your spending may have exceeded the monthly hard limit that can be verified in your billing area, or perhaps you don’t have an account that’s being funded by OpenAI; free credits are sometimes available; therefore it’s essential that you check your bill page to see if everything is in order with your account.

Server Overload

Unfortunately, our Server has become overloaded. For your own safety and to make the best use of it, it is recommended that you wait a short while and try again later.

ChatGPT servers could be overburdened; therefore, wait a few minutes and give the next time another try after waiting just a few moments.

Rate Limit, Exceeded For Request

Your requests are being processed too rapidly; to slow down please refer to the Rate limit guide.

Building Applications Using the ChatGPT API

Use both the API endpoint and OpenAI Python/Node.js library to get started developing ChatGPT API-powered apps. Not only can you build applications using official OpenAI libraries; you can also leverage community libraries that have been recommended from OpenAI to build them out further.

Due to OpenAI not verifying the safety of community libraries, it is advised to utilize either its API endpoint or OpenAI’s authentic OpenAI Python/Node.js library for best results.

Method 1: Connecting to an API Endpoint
In order to use this model, the chat/completions endpoint will be required. These models include both GPFT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 models.

Step one is to generate an API key and assign it to a variable. Next, give your model’s name as the model parameter of the payload object. Finally, we will include messages parameter to track history.

As part of our goal to encourage more random responses and foster creativity, we have decided to set our temperature value higher so as to allow more random and spontaneous answers.

Method 2. Utilizing the OpenAI Library on Python
Download OpenAI Python via PIP and install its library with this same method. Similarly install its Python counterpart using Pip as well.

In this example, we have provided only an individual prompt for users. The temperature has been kept low to make the prompt more predictable than unpredictable.

ChatGPT responses may seem magical and leave you perplexed as to their workings, yet these responses are powered by Generatively Pretrained Transformer (GPT) Language model which does the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes.


Conclusion The ChatGPT API provides an effective means of quickly creating intelligent chatbots quickly and effortlessly. With an abundance of tools and functions at your disposal, the API makes creating intelligent bots straightforwardly – whether mimicking human voices or programming the chatbot to engage in actual human conversation.

ChatGPT is an innovative technology that is rapidly advancing. While its API may be one of the best tools to build chatbots, being both powerful and user-friendly, it is still prudent to investigate other ChatGPT alternatives, especially since its services may not yet be accessible to everyone.