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ChatGPT new updates: Improve user experience

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AI powerful, OpenAI has released some new features for its dazzling chatbot ChatGPT. The new features enable the chatbot to display suggested follow-up prompts lower part of responses. These new capabilities were revealed by the company on its official Twitter account.

OpenAI in a tweet stated it was rolling out a number of minor improvements that will enhance ChatGPT’s experience. These updates will be available in the coming week according to the company. These new functions include prompts as well as suggested responses GPT-4 as default, the ability to upload multiple files, remain connected as well as keyboard shortcuts.

1. Prompt Examples

Thanks to the new prompt example feature, visitors will now view examples of prompts that can assist them in framing their questions better. It replaces the blank page and provide users with a prompt to start. The suggestion reply feature allows users to explore more in a single click. This feature will let users go deeper. ChatGPT offers suggestions on how to keep the conversation going.

2. Suggested Replies

Another feature that is interesting is GPT-4 being set as the default. Prior to this, ChatGPT provided GPT-3.5 as the default to Plus customers, users were required switch to GPT-4 for access. With the latest update GPT-4 will become the default. “When beginning an entirely new chat with a Plus user, ChatGPT will remember the previously chosen model -so you will not be redirected on GPT-3.5,” OpenAI said.

4. Files To Code Interpreter

Furthermore users will be capable of making the most out of ChatGPT because the chatbot allows users to share multiple documents. ChatGPT can now analyze data and provide insights across several files. But, it should be mentioned that the feature is going to only be accessible via Code Interpreter beta for all Plus users.

5. Stay Logged In Longer

OpenAI has stated that the new version will allow users to remain connected for longer. The company also said that users won’t need to being logged off of accounts after every 2 weeks. “When you do have to login you’ll be welcomed with more friendly pages,” said the company.

6. ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts

Additionally, users can now use ChatGPT capabilities in a quicker and more efficient manner. The company has added shortcuts such as Ctrl + Shift C to copy blocks of code. To view the full set of shortcuts users have to press the CTRL +/ key on keyboards.

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