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ClipDrop AI: Create Impressive Images With AI

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Want to create stunning images? Want to add impressive features into it? Want to remove unwanted background and defects from the picture? Then you have landed to the correct place. In this blog we will dig into new AI tool that will help its user to create quality images while using powerful Artificial Intelligence.

What is ClipDrop AI?

ClipDrop is an AI powered tool that helps the user to create stunning and impressive visuals with just few clicks. Whether you want to remove background or to add some colors, ClipDrop handles all the situations very effectively. It can create multiple variations by just adding and deleting certain features thus resulting in an outstanding output. some images have poor pixels quality while some images have unwanted background noise, this ClipDrop AI tool provides solution to all. Thus it is not wrong to say that it is the beginning of new era in image editing.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that distinguish this AI from others and give it its unique place in AI industry:

Instant background removal: This is the most important feature as it easily removes any kind of background with just few taps and giving the final main picture that a user wants.

Provide extra lighting: Some images are taken with improper lighting and the main focus is not clear, so ClipDrop AI provides relighting options that enhances you image.

Easy to transfer images: It provides an option to easily teleport images from one platform to another thus providing seamless and innovative picture on completely new environment.

Removal of text and objects: Some pictures have text and objects that makes it difficult to convey the real message and  person need few amendments in it, thus ClipDrop AI’S algorithm makes this possible and easy for the user to convey the right and real message through images.

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Who should use ClipDrop AI?

If you want to take your work to next level or want to create stunning images, ClipDrop AI is the right option for you. It is not specific for one group of people, it is for everyone. Whether you are a freelancer or a graphic designer, member of large business organization or just a start-up, it is perfect for every creator.


Is ClipDrop free or paid?

As with all AI tools, some of its features are free and for more advanced features the user have to purchase the PRO version.

What is offered in PRO version?

In PRO version you can get upscaling of up to 4x, 8x or 16x hence upgrading and enhancing your image.

What is the daily limit of ClipDrop AI?

In free version you can get 400 watermarks images per day with background removal, upscaling and relighting options available.

How to remove background from image with ClipDrop AI?

In order to remove background, just upload your image to and this AI tool will remove the background for you.





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