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Google Cloud Vertex AI: All you want to know

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Google has provided great help to data scientists and machine learning engineers with ease of use and accessible tools. TensorFlow and Google collabs are some of the main and most recognized Google offerings but not to forget Cloud AI and Cloud AutoML, which eases the work of data scientists by bringing everything under one roof. The main aim of introducing this new AI is to make the programming process more easily accessible to everyone and not only specific to those who know machine coding.  So, let’s have a closer look at what is exactly Vertex AI and how its features help the scientists in real world.

What is Vertex AI?

Vertex AI is one of the managed and easy-to-use AI(Artificial Intelligence) platforms that provide all of Google’s Cloud Services under one roof. The question that comes to one’s mind after reading this is whether really matters that you can get all cloud services under one platform. The answer to this is “YES”. It is really important as the user does not have to focus on infrastructure instead it has to focus only on workflow. Whether a person is a newbie or an expert, it provides great opportunity and ease to all. For newbie it is easy to use and have a maintained interface which helps them greatly without worrying about a maintained interface. On the other hand, for experts, it saves time to do basic jobs instead of focusing on more important things.

Key Features

Instead of worrying and focusing on managing infrastructure and complex machine learning, it helps the scientist put more effort into building new and innovative applications. let’s have a look at some of the key features that distinguish it from other API platforms:


If you want to build a Machine Learning model but don’t have knowledge about it, Vertix AI is the perfect solution to this problem. The user can easily customer-code everything while storing it under one central repository.

AI Integration

The main advantage of this is that it is integrated with DataFlow and BiqQuery so it will be easier for the user to either build or run an ML model in BigQuery or export data from BiqQuery and then further process in ML models from there.

Easy to integrate videos and language

It makes it easier for the user to integrate videos, language translation, visions and others with existing applications.  It helps engineers to customise their models according to their business needs while spending less time on being experts.

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Benefits of Vertex AI

VertexAI is a powerful tool which helps in different sectors ranging from enterprise search to machine learning development. Below are some of the examples where Vertex AI can be applied:

  • Build, train and deploy machine learning models.
  • Provides an opportunity to create custom machine learning models without having expertise in coding.
  • Regularly monitor and access applications where model performance is needed thus offering real-time management and monitoring.
  • It improves the decision-making process by enabling organizations to get insights from their data.


To conclude, Vertex AI is a blessing in disguise as it helps them in managing, developing monitoring and deploying the models without having any formal machine learning training.


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