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Is ChatGPT Anonymous? Reality Unveiled

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ChatGPT is an AI-powered text generator developed by OpenAI to generate text, images or video that are just human-like. It is designed in a way that it makes responses to questions that were asked and creates them according to need. It replaces most of the human jobs hence making the work more effective and less time consuming. But as with all things, there are some limitations, thoughts and drawbacks that come into mind when a person gets advantages from it. The first and foremost question that arises in mind is whether our personal information or data that we searched is safe or not. The user becomes conscious before using the app and is reluctant. So for that, we gathered information and complied together to see if ChatGPT is safe and anonymous or not.

Anonymous or not

Privacy is significant for everyone. Every individual wants their personal information not to be visible or leaked and for that, they take special measures, The same is the case with ChatGPT. A person becomes conscious before asking any query or creating conversations but comes to the fact that nobody is interested in somebody’s chat. In practical life, no one wants to see other conversations or chat history let alone the hackers or some sensitive information seekers. So the final answer to this question is that ChatGPT is not anonymous.

Store information to train new GPT models

ChatGPT stores information, what queries were asked, and what information is required all of them to their internal storage in order to train their new GPT models.

On the other hand, being practical no one is interested in your chat history unless it is some restricted content or not-so-safe information.

Personal information is collected

Not only data you enter is collected by OpenAI but also your personal information is stored including your name, card information, credentials and all transaction history. It also uses cookies and analytics to analyze and understand how the user is using the website and interacting with it. Don’t be serious as all your information is leaked and available, but we can see this with all other online apps that use similar privacy policies.

Retain personal information

It is clearly mentioned on the website of OpenAI that they may retain personal information for an unspecific amount of time depending on a number of factors like nature, amount and sensitivity of information or any legal requirement.

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Steps for safe use of ChatGPT

Don’t get upset by reading all this, there are several ways by which you can safely use ChatGPT while keeping your privacy up to mark.

Enabling private mode

By enabling private mode, ChatGPT won’t save your chat history on your local device. It is as easy as a pie, you just have to go to settings then general and then finally to data control and switch off the chat history and training button. One thing to remember in this regard is that it is not completely private as it may be shown publicly if the data is breached within 30 days.

Dont provide real information

You can operate and use ChatGPT with a fake name and email ID. You can input any name with a valid email ID and you are all ready to go. But for Google Voice Service, you have to provide an active phone number.

Avoid sensitive topics with ChatGPT

Avoid asking and gathering sensitive topics and issues with ChatGPT that will create problems in the long run. Instead, make it simple. It is advisable to keep your bank account details, driver’s license number, credentials, name and address to yourself and don’t disclose and provide an opportunity for hackers to process your data as they still get access through IP address.


If you care about your privacy, it is recommended to use VPN as OpenAI can easily access your IP address.

How to protect your login information

There are several ways by which you can protect your login information. Some are discussed below:

Strong Password: A user must use a strong and unique password that includes upper and lower case, symbols and numbers. Avoid using your name and numbers that anyone can easily remember.

Two-factor authentication: For further security, Two-factor authentication is best which requires a text message code.

Up-to-date account details: Keep your recovery email address up to date for security and backup.

Phishing attempts: It is a red flag if anyone wants your account details on a phone call or email. Always avoid these calls and emails in order to stay safe.


To conclude, ChatGPT is not anonymous but still you can maintain your privacy by following these simple steps that are mentioned above. Remember not to discuss your personal information with anyone and always use two-step authentication for further security.

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