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Is FreedomGPT safe?

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Artificial intelligence has experienced notable progress recently, showcasing the development of sophisticated language models like FreedomGPT. These models, such as FreedomGPT, can generate text that closely resembles human language, making them valuable assets in various applications, including content creation, customer support, and creative writing.

However, the assessment of safety aspects associated with these advanced models is crucial to ensure responsible use and mitigate potential risks. The sophistication of AI language models, exemplified by FreedomGPT from OpenAI, prompts questions about safety and usage concerns.

This article aims to delve into the safety aspects of FreedomGPT, addressing concerns related to its usage. We will explore the measures implemented to ensure user safety, potential risks that need consideration, and the responsible use of AI technology.


Understanding FreedomGPT

FreedomGPT is a fully open-source AI Chatbot that introduces over 100 unique features to ChatGPT. Trained on diverse internet data, it possesses the capability to comprehend and generate text across a broad spectrum of topics. The model employs complex algorithms and neural networks to process information, generating coherent and contextually relevant responses.


How FreedomGPT Operates

FreedomGPT is a distinctive AI computer program designed to perform tasks such as text writing, language translation, and question answering, similar to ChatGPT. What sets it apart is its capacity to operate on an individual’s computer without the need for an internet connection or data transmission. In practical terms, it serves as a private writing assistant exclusively functioning on the user’s computer.


Installation of FreedomGPT

Users can follow these steps to download and set up FreedomGPT:

  1. Visit the GitHub repository for FreedomGPT.
  2. Download the program by clicking the green “Code” button and selecting “Download ZIP.”
  3. Extract the ZIP archive to a computer folder.
  4. Install dependencies by issuing the “yarn install” command in the extracted folder.
  5. Launch the application by typing “yarn start: prod” into the terminal.

Alternatively, users can obtain the desktop program through the FreedomGPT website, and the Freedom app and software are also accessible via the Freedom website.


Safety of FreedomGPT

While FreedomGPT promises privacy and fairness, concerns arise about its utility based on testing experiences. The program may not consistently provide answers to user queries, raising doubts about its effectiveness. Additionally, there is a risk of incorrect information or bias, making it challenging to assert its safety definitively.


Measures for User Safety

OpenAI prioritizes user safety in AI models like FreedomGPT, implementing several measures:


  1. Content Moderation: Robust systems filter out inappropriate or harmful content to ensure safe outputs.
  2. Pre-training and Fine-tuning: Extensive processes refine language understanding and align outputs with human values for improved safety.
  3. User Feedback: Actively encouraging users to provide feedback helps identify and rectify biases or harmful tendencies.


Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Despite safety measures, potential risks associated with AI language models exist, including biases and misinformation. OpenAI addresses these risks through continuous refinement, user feedback, and strict usage policies to prevent malicious misuse.


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Responsible Use of FreedomGPT

To promote safe and responsible use, OpenAI provides guidelines:

  1. Verify Information: Fact-check information obtained from FreedomGPT before relying on it.
  2. Exercise Critical Thinking: Approach AI model outputs with critical thinking, recognizing them as tools rather than infallible sources.
  3. Report Issues: Report problematic outputs to OpenAI to enhance the model and user safety.



While FreedomGPT offers exciting capabilities and the convenience of local operation, there are inherent risks. Its impressive text generation abilities coexist with limitations, emphasizing the need for vigilance. Addressing potential risks involves responsible usage and ongoing evaluation, ensuring that the benefits of FreedomGPT outweigh any associated drawbacks. Stay informed about advancements in the field to navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology effectively.

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