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Is Google's new AI technology could be smarter than OpenAI's GPT-4

Is Google’s new AI technology could be smarter than OpenAI’s GPT-4

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Google aloof appears Gemini, its new abundant AI model. The tech giant, which calls Gemini the best general-purpose AI developed so far, said it affairs to aggrandize the avant-garde adaptation of  (LLM) this year. The LLM is multimodal, as it can accept altered types of information, including text, audio, images, and video.

Models of Gemini

Gemini will be accessible in three models

Gemini Ultra is the best and best capable of awful circuitous tasks.

Gemini Pro is for an avant-garde ambit of tasks

Gemini Nano is for Android users who appetite to body Gemini-powered apps. For instance, with Gemini Nano, bodies can now abridge recordings fabricated through the Recorder app on the Pixel 8 Pro buzz.

Google has formed Gemini to attempt with OpenAI’s GPT models. In a columnist conference, Sissie Hsiao, carnality admiral of Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, said Gemini Pro outperformed GPT-3.5 in six out of the eight industry benchmarks. Google’s best avant-garde model, Gemini Ultra, exhausted the newer GPT-4 in seven of the eight benchmarks.

In the deathwatch of OpenAI’s absolution of ChatGPT about a year ago, tech giants have been scrambling to barrage their chatbots and LLMs to attempt with the AI startup. Google’s Contempo evaluations of Gemini advance that OpenAI’s competitors are communicable up.

Here’s what abroad you charge to apperceive about Google’s Gemini:

Bard gets an update
According to Google, Bard is now upgraded with Gemini Pro, which gives the chatbot added avant-garde acumen and understanding, amid added capabilities. Gemini Pro–backed Bard is accessible alone in English, in added than 170 countries. Bard will be dent with Gemini Ultra abutting year, Google said. In the advancing months, the aggregation will add Gemini beyond its added apps, including search, Google Ads, and the Chrome browser.

Gemini runs on Google’s TPUs
The LLM runs on Google-made tensor processing units or TPUs, specialized accoutrements advised for training AI models. But in the future, Gemini will be accomplished on both TPUs and  GPUs, said Amin Vahdat, carnality admiral of Google’s Cloud AI, in a briefing. Nvidia makes the H100 GPU, a accepted dent for powering abundant AI products.


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