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Top Digital Whiteboard Software to Power Team Collaboration

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Let’s take a moment and recall those old-fashioned whiteboards we grew up with. Those we covered with markers, magnets, border paper patterned with patterns and lots of tape for painting?

Whiteboards always had an inviting ambience about them.

These structures must have enough character to keep students interested and be functional enough for use, all while entertaining enough that students want to become part of it.

As it was at the time, this task must have been an enormous one for “generation one” whiteboards; yet they succeeded, creating an incredible following that decades later revolutionized how we work remotely today – but more on that in due time!

Whiteboards can be an integral component of both classroom instruction and product development teams; their use can vary greatly; but what we hope to emphasize here is their long-term usefulness and versatility.

Whiteboard applications have also proven extremely useful.

Why Whiteboard Software?

Virtual whiteboard software offers one of the greatest advantages: visual representation and management of nearly any task. This makes work more engaging for all involved and easier for those working or learning in multiple ways.

Have you heard someone proclaim “I can show it better than explain” followed by plans to reveal an idea more effectively than through any words?

As human brains are designed to process multiple images simultaneously, mockups are essential tools for product and design teams!

Digital whiteboards allow all members of a team to see the big picture from initial ideation through final implementation, thus improving communication and teamwork from beginning to end.

As remote teams become ever more prevalent, it becomes ever more challenging to engage your team and maintain positive communication channels.

Whiteboard software features a blank slate as its foundation to foster creativity during brainstorming sessions and creative procedures by liberating people from documents or information models that rely on text-based models and techniques.

Demand for reliable whiteboard software is growing, which is one reason to conduct due diligence before selecting a favourite whiteboard tool.

We have reviewed, researched and tested every available whiteboard software option so you can create like an expert. Below is our comprehensive list of whiteboard software programs ranked according to ease of use so that you can make an informed decision when making your selections.

Virtual whiteboards that are currently in demand exist today, each offering unique benefits for business use. Take your time in selecting one to ensure you find one that meets all your brainstorming requirements and meets them successfully.


1.    ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-encompassing productivity solution designed to assist teams from various industries in managing projects efficiently, collaborating more effectively together and organizing all aspects of work into one centralized location. No matter the industry you belong to or the size of organization you belong to – from large enterprises and agencies, colleges or individual entrepreneurs all the way down to college students – ClickUp offers customizable features suitable to any workload management need and connects your team regardless of project type or status. ClickUp is well known for its user-friendly experience, including the brand new Whiteboards feature!

ClickUp Whiteboards were first made public for beta testing in November 2021 and are now ready for public consumption! Among the most frequently requested functions by ClickUp users, ClickUp Whiteboards have become one of the only collaborative whiteboards that facilitate real-time idea transformation into tangible reality – so they are at the top of our minds and feature on this list.

Whiteboard Features that Stand Out

Are You an Admirer of ClickUp Mind Maps and Mind Maps from ClickUp? If so, the ClickUp Whiteboards may just be right up your alley! Imagine drawing, doodling or drawing whatever comes to mind without worry over space restrictions. Imagine then instantaneously connecting ideas from one step in your workflow.

Draw, add objects and connect ideas

Build detailed flowcharts, plan your projects thoroughly and brainstorm easily on an endless canvas with objects and colours at your disposal – you’re bound to come up with something!

Add Style and Structure

Utilizing rich editing features, whiteboard users can use stylized and formatted information such as shapes, text, notes images or various media formats to their whiteboards.

Create and Add Tasks

Make ideas actionable instantly by including existing tasks on your list as well as creating new ones – quickly turning ideas into reality with one touch! Take steps to ensure there are no gaps between their conception and implementation.

Collaborate together

Instantaneously see who is viewing this Whiteboard and any modifications they make in real-time! Utilizing the same instant collaboration power you already use with ClickUp Docs, you can develop ideas and map projects simultaneously as if in one space.

Adding more features

ClickUp Whiteboards offers more to love with its variety of integrations that can enhance existing processes, sharing and privacy permissions that allow you to easily share thoughts with team members, participants or a group that meets your criteria, sharing and privacy settings which let you share ideas securely among a larger community of your choosing.

Nine flowcharting templates, concept mapping Brainwriting, retrospectives and our favourite, Animal Drawing Battle can all help your team break the ice quickly and creatively. Choose one of ClickUp’s Whiteboard template libraries to maximize its use even if this is your first time interacting with it!


ClickUp Whiteboards provide one of the greatest advantages available today: enjoying their feature-rich offerings without breaking your budget.

Free for life: Plenty of powerful Whiteboards featuring unlimited members and tasks with 100MB storage available to them; this plan also features unlimited integrations, Dashboards, Agile reports and much more. for $7 per user per month users can enjoy even more storage capacity as well as integrations, an unlimited number of dashboards/agile reports/Dashboards etc.

Business ($12 per member monthly): Google SSO Unlimited teams offer customization of exports, complex share schemes and advanced automation – plus much more!

Business Plus ($19 per member each month): Subtasks in multiple lists, custom role creation and permission customization, automation features such as API access for guided onboarding as well as dedicated success manager for guided onboarding.


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2. Miro

Success comes when we start rooting for others. And Miro fits this description! He’s an interactive whiteboard program specially tailored to facilitate mind mapping and productive brainstorming sessions.

Miro’s intuitive whiteboards are tailored for teams of all kinds and enable users to visualize ideas and communicate in real time, organize meetings and develop charts of operations without running out of room.

Miro features

  • Chat and video feature built-in with @mentions
  • A myriad of templates that have been pre-built and customized templates are offered
  • Present interactive presentations in present mode, which allows your presenter to zoom in on the most important parts of the whiteboard, and keep the audience engaged.

Miro pros

  • A variety of features and templates are what make Miro whiteboards useful for teams in all different industries.
  • Effective and intuitive collaboration and presentation tools
  • Integrates with many other tools like ClickUp!

Miro cons

  • There is no native time tracker
  • Many features can overwhelm users.
  • Features are limited for the trial version and more expensive paid-plan options

Miro pricing

  • free: unlimited team members 3 editable boards basic integrations, templates, and basic attention management
  • Team ($8 per member monthly): unlimited boards and visitors, as well as custom templates, projects, as well as private boards
  • Business ($16 per member, per month): unlimited guests, smart diagramming, SSO
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing): enterprise-grade security and compliance and data governance, central account management and insights and premium support


3. Lucidspark

Its features are comparable to a lot of your preferred platform for managing projects, Lucidspark is an excellent whiteboard software to assist you in your brainstorming process. It will also help you put your ideas into motion.

Lucidspark features

  • Reactions and votes on sticky notepads
  • Chat in-board
  • Invite others to join your board to bring all in the same room simultaneously, or make breakout boards that allow you to work in smaller groups.

Lucidspark pros

  • Work management tools can help you keep track of the time of your employees, visualize ideas and plan your next actions
  • The templates, the breakout boards and collaboration tools give teams a more structured otherwise empty canvas

Lucidspark Cons

  • A plethora of innovative brainstorming tools However, you’ll need to connect Lucidspark with a different platform to make the most of your ideas after the initial stages
  • It is not compatible with ClickUp

Lucidspark pricing

  • FREE: three editable boards basic collaboration features simple integrations and emoji responses freehand drawing
  • Individual (starting at $7.95 per month): unlimited boards tags, grouping and grouping for organizing ideas
  • Team (starting at $9 per month, per user): advanced collaboration features, voting mode, timer basic administrative controls
  • Enterprise (contact for price): advanced integrations Advanced admin controls SSO


4. Stormboard

Similar to Miro, Stormboard allows teams to work together on a vast canvas for meetings, review projects and communicate ideas from any location. It also comes with a digital whiteboard that is focused on brainstorming, using drawings and sticky notes that allow you to note down ideas.

Our fav Stormboard features

  • More than 200 templates to select from
  • Zoom into or out area using the navigation panel.
  • Features for organization like folders and priority tasks

Stormboard pros

  • The option to create multiple views such as Kanban for your board
  • Many use cases for teams with its extensive template center

Stormboard Cons

  • You must upgrade your plan to take advantage of the most powerful features on the platform
  • There is an education curve above the basics of use

Stormboard pricing

  • Personal Five open Storms with five users per Storm Basic exports and reports, pre-made templates, and integrations
  • Start ($5 per user monthly): unlimited open Storms, five viewers basic reports and exports as well as templates that are pre-made and customized,
  • business ($10 per user monthly): unlimited open storms 10, 10 Storm viewers advanced reporting, folders, and data imports
  • Enterprise ($16.67 per user monthly): SSO, priority support, invoice billings custom terms and conditions flexible integrations and unlimited viewers.

5. Limnu

Teachers seeking a whiteboard solution for online learning Limnu can be a great alternative that is digital. It’s an incredibly literal resemblance to the whiteboards we used to have in our classrooms in the past, and has a variety of interactive features that allow you to collaborate and interact with your team.

Limnu features

  • Drawing tools and markers that are realistic
  • Video conferencing with built-in videoconferencing that can accommodate up to eight people
  • Collaborative or solo draw modes

Limnu pros

  • A very simple user interface
  • It is versatile for teachers of almost any level of education and subject

Limnu cons

  • You’re not using an effective process management tool to take action on the ideas you have drawn on your whiteboard
  • Beyond brainstorming, drawing, or use as a presenter environment, the platform is missing essential features that will help you align your workflow

Limnu pricing

  • free: 14-day access to whiteboards with unlimited collaborators, collaboration or solo whiteboards with a limit of security and administration controls.
  • Pro ($5 per user for a month): unlimited boards and collaborators, unlimited access to boards that are private and collaborative.
  • team ($8 per user monthly): share boards with collaborators from outside, team and private boards security for the team. controls
  • Enterprise (contact for price): dedicated customer success manager, as well as a personalised education and training program.
  • API (contact for price): no downloads needed and not even Limnu branding or registration for users, Limnu hosts all aspects of whiteboard usage.

6. Conceptboard

Conceptboard will speed up an approval workflow by closing gaps between brainstorming, and the presentation. You can layer templates over your whiteboard to create a customized layout for your ideas, and include sections on the same board to cross-reference your comments or move your drawing around while tracing your customer’s journey.

Conceptboard features

  • Folders for managing several whiteboards
  • Upload media and note pdfs straight on the board
  • Board sharing via exports, or sharing with external and internal collaborators using a password-protected link

Conceptboard pros

  • A plethora of templates that can be combined over one another to make use of more than one template at one time.
  • Feedback and collaboration tools help to speed up the initial phases of project development

Conceptboard Cons

  • Limited editing capabilities for text for sticky notepads.
  • There aren’t enough features to guide the project past its early stages

Conceptboard pricing

  • FREE: unlimited boards, one team member 100 objects, a templates library and core integrations 500MB of file storage
  • Premium ($6 per user monthly): Less than 10 team members unlimited objects project more than 50 participants on a single board Audio and video sharing 20GB of storage for files
  • Enterprise ($9.50 per user monthly): 10+ team members, 75 board members 1TB of file storage
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing minimum 250 licensed): all features and custom-limitable file storage.

8. Vibe

What will you get when you cross a traditional whiteboard with the most recent whiteboard software that is available in the present? It’s Vibe–the interactive smart-boards by collaborative software.

Vibe Boards basically marry the concept of whiteboard hardware and software. However, the online application, Canvas, lets you access your board from your tablet or desktop. This is why Canvas is our primary focus.

Our favorite Vibe includes

  • Numerous integrations increase the capabilities of Vibe Canvas. Vibe Canvas app
  • The choice of templates and a canvas to use as the basis for starting

Vibe pros

  • Ideal for quickly creating, editing, or adding notes to images or designs
  • Integrates with ClickUp

Vibe Cons

  • There are no task monitoring or management of work features
  • Vibe Canvas software works best when it is paired with Vibe Board hardware that starts at $2,999


The Vibe whiteboard software, called Canvas for free. it works best when you purchase Vibe’s Vibe Board. For a short period the most recent Board, Vibe S1 is available for sale at 10% off, normally sold at just $3,299.


Whiteboards for project management truly become powerful and flexible when you can easily and effortlessly link your thoughts with workflow, which Whiteboards have done so brilliantly! Collaboration and creativity take on new meaning when shapes of objects, notes, or any other items quickly turn into tasks for real-time editing and more.

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