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Information about Anime Sama, a new address and other alternatives

Information about Anime Sama, a new address and other alternatives

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Manga and animation are two words that bring to mind an entire world of feelings, adventures and new discoveries. For those looking to see the top of la top animations There’s Anime-Sama. More than a simple streaming website it’s also your ticket to the far-off land that are “Demon Slayer” and the arenas of combat in “Naruto” as well as huge oceans in “One Piece”. Every chapter and every season, each film is a mere click away, and ready to impress you. With our help you’ll always stay current whether it’s the official website or numerous alternatives or commercials.

Learn more about Anime-Sama and the services it offers.

Anime Sama is much more than streaming platform. videos, video bonuses or another. It’s an absolute haven for anyone who loves anime. Over time it has become an indispensable resource for Japanese anime fans from France and all over the world.

Its vast selection of content including classics from the past to the most recent releases, has allowed millions of avid readers to get lost in fantastical worlds, experience thrilling emotions and be captivated by stories.

In addition to offering access to an array of shows, Anime-Sama stands out for its quality of broadcast and commitment to the community and appreciation for the art of animation.

Here’s what Anime-Sama has got to provide:

  • streaming of anime : Access to an extensive selection of anime in various resolutions.
  • Scan cataloguing: Complete Otaku anime library that includes chapters to read online.
  • Regular updates: Chapters and new episodes are added regularly for ongoing series.
  • Online reading: Improved reading comfort for manga, scans manhwa, and manhua.
  • Download APK for an optimized mobile experience specifically for Android users.
  • Forums and discussions: Forums and discussions that are dedicated to users to talk about their favourite shows.
  • News and information: Updates on the most recent releases, adaptations, and pertinent information from the world of anime.
  • Ad-free mode: Uninterrupted viewing to premium users.
  • Personalized suggestions Based on the user’s preferences and history of viewing.

Anime Sama to 2023: new address and access

In 2023, the official Anime Sama url became However, it’s currently unavailable via France. This is because of France’s strict copyright laws that have led to non-certified streaming services being removed from the market.

Anime Sama illegal? Mirror sites and alternative websites

Yes it is illegal to use Anime-sama as an streaming service that broadcasts copyrighted content with no authorization. Avoid using it. Use legal options to watch online anime.

In addition to sites with a domain name close to, there are mirror sites like Animes-Sama, now accessible via Mirror sites, which are replicas of the original website permit users to bypass geographic restrictions or blockades enforced by authorities and ISPs.

If you are seeking legal channels to watch online anime for free without registration, there is Vostfreewhich provides anime in both VF and VOSTFR. and Neko-samawhich offers a variety of anime in VF as well as VOSTFR, and lastly, Adkamiwith animation that are available in both VF and VOSTFR.

Streaming on Anime Sama: How do you get it to work?

These are steps you need to follow to ensure a smooth streaming experience on Anime-Sama:

  1. Visit the website by clicking on the “CATALOGUE” tab to view all the available works;
  2. Look up on the “PLANNING” tab to find the most current outputs and programming time;
  3. To gain access to Anime Sama Unblock the website by with the help of a VPN. (NordVPN is highly recommended due to the speed of its connection and safety. In fact you can download NordVPN for free) ;
  4. After logging in, you can utilize the search function to locate the show you are looking for;
  5. Sort your search results by the type (anime series anime, film and more. ); genre (seinen, fantasy, shonen, isekai, etc.) and versions (VOSTFR and VF. ).
  6. Select the anime you want to watch choose the episode with subtitles, language and quality, then start watching.

Take a look at some of the top and most viewed animation on Anime Sama’s platform. If you find that the site is not functioning you can leave a message. We will notify those who want to find out what the address is as quickly as we can.

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