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ChatGPT Error Code 1020 – How to Fix Access Denied Error

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ChatGPT, the premier AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, has achieved global recognition due to its advanced technology. Despite its popularity, ChatGPT users sometimes run into technical issues, a prevalent one being the “ChatGPT Error Code 1020: Access Denied.”

This error isn’t serious and can be rectified quickly so users can continue utilizing their ChatGPT account. A brief overview of the causes of this error and potential solutions follows.

Understanding ChatGPT Error Code 1020

ChatGPT Error Code 1020 inhibits users’ access to the ChatGPT website and is caused when the user’s IP address has been blocked. Security firewall Cloudflare, which guards the site from web-based threats, flags and blocks any suspicious, spammy, or harmful IP address and subsequently restricts access to the website.

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Resolving ChatGPT Error Code 1020

Here are the possible solutions to ChatGPT Error Code 1020:

1. Remove ChatGPT Cache Data and Cookies

Clearing Cache data and Cookies from your browser can often resolve the access denial issue. This involves going to browser settings, selecting the Cookies and other site data options, searching for OpenAI, and deleting all cached data and cookies.

2. Disconnect the VPN Connection

If you’re using a VPN connection, turning it off can sometimes help fix the error. This is because VPN connections can often lead to access restriction issues.

3. Try a Different VPN Connection

If disconnecting the VPN didn’t work, consider trying another VPN connection as the current VPN service might have been blocked by ChatGPT.

4. Turn off Browser Extensions

Disabling browser extensions is another potential solution to this issue. If extensions are corrupted, they might obstruct access to ChatGPT.

5. Review Browser Security Privileges

Ensure your browser has sufficient security permissions to access ChatGPT. If this isn’t the case, this might be causing the error.

6. Reset your Router

If the IP address is blocked, resetting the router should grant access to ChatGPT as it provides a new IP address.

7. Verify OpenAI Server Status

Checking the OpenAI server status will indicate if there might be an outage causing the error.

Why Does ChatGPT Error Code 1020 Occur?

High website traffic: The system might have blocked more users from accessing the ChatGPT website as a result of the high website traffic.

Too many requests made at once: If a user makes too many requests in a short amount of time, the system may mark their account as spam and prevent them from using the ChatGPT website in the future.

Daily use limit exhausted: ChatGPT has a daily use limit. If you’ve already reached it, the 1020 error message may be appearing.

Unsafe or fraudulent activity from your IP address: The ChatGPT security firewalls may be triggered if you have participated in any risky behaviour or if your network is unprotected.


ChatGPT offers highly beneficial assistance to users, making it a vital resource. As such, encountering issues like “Access Denied” can be a hindrance. The above solutions should help fix the problem or contact OpenAI customer support for further help.

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